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Prince Albert stretching advice

Okay fellow Prince Albert wearers…

I’m currently at a 2ga and would like to move up to a 0ga which clearly is a big jump. I have a 0ga taper to help with the ultimate installation of new jewelry. However, my 2ga rings are quite snug currently.

What advice might any of you be able to share regarding the best way to stretch the piercing from 2 to 0? I’d like to keep discomfort/pain to a minimum.

I don’t want to think that I’ve hit a wall and a 2ga will be the biggest size I can go.

Any and all advice would be appreciated!!!


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  1. skinsuitboi said: I’ve found that the weight of the ring (mines 22mm diameter) and going commando stretches the hole easily and painlessly, i’ve been going up a size without pain every 6 months, i’ve just gone from 5mm to 6mm (2ga) - lovemypa.tumblr.com
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