Pierced & Inked Texas Guy

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txttuguy asked: I love your hot cock! Mmm. 28 gay TX in es nkd and hrny on your tumblr! Into? Hit me up. -Nick-

Thanks for the compliment.  Where in Texas are ya?

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gnomeorpants asked: Hey! How often do you wear your cock ring a day? I want to wear it for extended periods of time. I'm just afraid to. /:

Sometimes I wear mine all day. I’ve worn it for more than 24 hours at a time. You just have to know whether it’s beginning to feel uncomfortable and if it is then you take it off. The main thing is you want to wear a ring, especially a metal one, that isn’t too small to begin with.

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bigcock2313 asked: Wish you had a kik or skype!

Sorry…not big on either of those.

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cucamongabear asked: What size is your PA? I got mine about 2 years ago, and I love it. Mine is a 0g circular barbell. I didn't wait long enough between a 2g and 0g so it hurt going in. But it feels so good now.

Mine is a 2ga. I have four rings in this size that I rotate wearing. I’d like to go to a 0ga but I’ve always stretched slowly and 0 may not be doable for me without much pain.